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I saw Iron Man a few days ago, inbetween classes with some friends. I enjoyed it. It has fantastic reviews for a reason – mainly Robert Downey Jr. I’ve never read the comics (or any comics for that matter…), and I knew next to nothing about the Iron Man mythos. I was pleasantly surprised, I actually thought he would be some kind of robot (how embarrassing, I suppose.) Instead he was a funny, smart and above all cool character with very human flaws with which I could empathise.

Downey Jr. makes his larger-than-life personality believable, which is impressive given how fake it could so easily seem having someone as witty and magnetic (iron man? magnets?) as Tony Stark. I usually love origin stories, but Iron Man’s one took over half the movie, or so it felt. There was so much time introducing the character and so little of his doing-cool-shit-in-a-high-powered-suit that I would’ve been disappointed if he wasn’t such an awesome guy anyway. Besides, a sequel is assured and there’ll be plenty of time for his blowing stuff up. Having said that, the action scenes were fantastic – though the villain wasn’t much.

It’s very much worth seeing if you haven’t already – I can’t wait for the next one to come out (2010 I think?)


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May 8, 2008 at 8:20 pm

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