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This Is Not Art: Wrap-up

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So TINA finished on Monday. I’m back shivering in chilly Melbourne after burning in sunny Newcastle, and relaxing for the first time in a week. It was fantastic, and a shame that I couldn’t’ve blogged more of it while I was there. Next time I’m going to bring a camera and a laptop.

Things that happened:

  • I won the Cipher Cities game design competition. $200 JB Hi-fi voucher and a year’s subscription to EDGE! I enjoyed chatting with the team, though I felt sorry for them because not that many people got involved. There was way too much on for most festival-goers to take the time out to design a game.
  • I met one of the editors of Vertigo, Tracey, who also works at Next Media, which publishes PC Powerplay and Hyper. She’s since talked to the editor of PCPP and set up an internship for me there. Brilliant.
  • I sock-wrestled with Geoff Lemon, slam poetry champion of Melbourne and former poetry editor at Voiceworks. He won, even with a cracked rib.
  • Helped produce and distribute Nanoworks, a zine created by Voiceworks and Farrago and contributors specifically for TINA. We were up until 3am doing it in Staple Manor.
  • I got an awful haircut.
  • Attempted to dance to over-the-top avant-garde electro noise bands.
  • Watched wanky, existential anarchist theatre:
  • Got assaulted by protesting zombies. Constantly.
  • Met lots of young, talented, creative and ambitious people.

There are photos up on flickr.

Here are some from Annie Ly:

The point: come to TINA next year or you’re a fool.


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October 9, 2008 at 11:46 am

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